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Tutoring for the next-gen

Easily arrange lessons, meet others and learn new things on a platform created for students, by students.

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How does it work?

Teach and we will take care of the rest

Let us know your availability and we'll make sure your schedule fits it.


Mentee will remind you of the lesson and provide participants with links giving access to Google Meet/Zoom.


Both learn what you love and find new subjects.


Gain knowledge from students who excel in the subjects that interest you. Browse their profiles to find out more and choose a tutor for yourself.

Monetisation of knowledge

Earn from your knowledge, gain a source of income without any formalities or fees.

Become popular

Show your best side, let others see your personality and achievements.


Benefit from the knowledge and experience of ambitious people from all over the world. Meet people, not teachers.


Browse the profiles of others and be visible to potential students. Show others your talent and skills, attracting others without even paying a penny. As it should be.

Introduce yourself

Let your knowledge and achievements speak for themselves. Stop with the extra advertising.


We care about your safety - those verified receive a special badge.

Don't waste time

Don't worry about advertising yourself. Create a profile and we will provide you with students.

Planning that makes sense

Don't stress about planning and remembering your classes. As both a student and a tutor these things happen automatically, just like that.


Put an end to unnecessary calling, texting and scheduling your classes.


Everything in one place - cancel, confirm or reschedule a lesson in just a few clicks if necessary.

Free time

It's important to be able to take a moment off once in a while - just a click away.